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CAMINA MEDICAL brings over 10 years of expertise in home-care services dedicated to support academic or private investigator sites in efficient handling of study logistics, aiming to increase patient participation/co-operation and retention in clinical trials.

In close collaboration with Sponsors and/or CROs we are successfully supporting projects across several European countries, incl. Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Moldavia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro, Hungary, Czech Republic and Turkey.

Following patient or site-related factors are benefiting for home care and alternate site nursing services:

  • rare or advanced diseases
  • lack of mobility or transportation
  • busy schedules with limited time to travel to the investigator site
  • paediatric patients enrolled in long term studies
  • exceptional situations generated by viral outbreaks limiting patient´s access to sites

Our home care nursing services are tailored made to Sponsor´s study specific requirements and to the specific patient population.

CAMINA´s network of qualified nurses and country coordinators are able to easily move from one site to another and cover study responsibilities such as:

  • blood collection at patient home, centrifugation and prepare the samples parcel for being collected by different couriers, participating in the study
  • study drug administration
  • training of patients for self-collection of biologic samples or for using patient diary at home
  • transportation of biological samples from a collection site to specialist labs (to be analysed for specific tests, e.g. histopathology, etc.)
  • training and /or installation of body pump for continuing infusion
  • collection of vital signs
  • site support services (e.g. call centre, etc.)

CAMINA supports all phases of clinical trials across a variety of therapeutic areas, genomics and personalized medicine in all age groups.


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