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Santa Claus is coming to you

“Santa Claus is coming to you” is the name of Xmas campaign organized by Avantyo Institute of Clinical Research together with companies Camina Medical and Arensia Exploratory Medicine, started on 16th of December and completed on 22nd of With this charity campaign “SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO YOU” 16 families and 30 children from several rural localities, i.e.Aprozi (Calara...

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COVID-19 has forced a change in ongoing clinical trials

COVID-19 has forced a change in ongoing clinical trials and demanded the development of new ways to operationalize clinical trials moving forward. Many previously avant-garde practices in clinical trial design and execution—such as e-consent forms, remote monitoring, and single-system digitized trial documentation—have now become the gold standard for COVID-19-era studies. It is likely...

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Guidance on the management of clinical trials during the Covid-19 pandemic

Due to pandemic covid 19, we all face now new situations which change substantially our way of doing our routine work: impossibility of the patients to visit the site for performing the study visit, delays in the shipments of medication to site, questions regarding the stability of the study medication, monitors unable to visit the site, inspectors who cannot perform their routine inspectionsa at ...

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