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Achieving clinical trial research participant enrollment is essential to conducting a successful trial. It is well-known that patient is in the middle of any clinical trial. Recruitment and retention of research participants is often the most labor-intensive and difficult component of clinical trials. Poor recruitment and retention frequently pose as a major barrier in the successful completion of clinical trials.

We identify and recruit the most eligible patients by using  smart patient enrollment strategies by using as referrals our investigative site network of over 100 clinicians and GPs located across different European countries

Our network of experienced specialists in various medical specialties is ready to be used by any pharmaceutical and biotech company willing to reach performance in running a study with very good enrollment rates and excellence compliance of patients to the study procedures. We rely very much on the expertise of our specialists with whom we have been working for more than two decades.

We identify, qualify and open clinical research sites, able to enroll suitable patients in various phase I to IV clinical trials. As a direct consequence we are your partner in increasing effectiveness in clinical research and accelerate the entire process of drug development for faster availability of a new medicine.

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